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Dear Sir/Madam,
You are humbly invited to contribute to a special issue on Investment Banking and Economics, thematically defined below but not limited to;

[1] The role of the Securities and Exchange market in Effective functioning of the financial system towards investment attraction and productive economy

[2] The proposed model effective for the standardization of its investment market in the less developed economy yet entrepreneurially driven to cushion the desired financialization of such economies

[3] The policy framework required in the changing pattern of production and employment for a strong equity market

[4] The policy guidelines and government responsibility required in managing the risk of pricing by countries with soft currencies as a means of sustainable growth.

The paper presentation could either take the dimension of retrospective, contextual, or prospective, which require experts as in academia, industrialist and scholars with Africa development study perspective, while focusing in the financial industry a prime study interest.

Quality manuscript submitted within the time frame and accepted after a double-blind review for international publication will be rewarded $100 for effort. For further details on the timeline, access the link

Post source : American Journal of Economics

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