What is so exceptional in the content of a leadership course study that requires an independent college fee for students to be trained?

What needs to be acknowledged is that all efficient leaders have one goal, not to transform anything, but to harmonize all forms of energies intelligently in their respective jurisdictions into an ultimate output, for the purpose of transformation beyond the comprehensive human thinking and initiatives.

We need to take into cognisant, it is not in the power of any [man] to transform nature in his interests and desires, but to intelligently coordinate these independent structures into a coherent force benefactor to humanity. No human can turn a fool to become wise, neither poor to become rich, weak to be strong nor a cat to become a lion unless they choose to transform themselves at a pace and in accordance to their individual capacity.

Therefore, a successful leader is someone who has mastered the skill to coordinate the working relationship between the Cat and the Lion, the Poor and the Rich, the Weak and the Strong or the Fool and the Wise, to the benefit of humanity.

However, the kind of leadership mostly promoted by the left-wing styled practised democracy in Africa driven under a purported moral and emotional doctrine, seeks to justify the transformation of the poor to become rich overnight, the weak to become strong, the fool to become wise, just like saying cat to become a lion, forgetting that when $1000 dollar bills are issued to the rich and the poor at the same time, and granted (24) hours to manage such financial assets, the average outcome result will not be the same. One of the two groups will ‘appreciate’ the value of the given asset, while the other will ‘diminish’ the value at stock through a parochial expenditure skill’.

However, the article does equally distinguish, the unique cases of social vulnerability that need social intervention supports. Which historically, the democratic capitalism or the neo-liberalist system had scored very high in philanthropic contribution to the world crises in such special cases comparable to the claimed Marxists socialist who argue mostly to be the Messiahs’ of such situations.

The article thereby concludes that sympathy, empathy and other emotional tools employed in the exchange process of the economy has a limit, unless its adoption is a weapon fraudulently used for political interest.

Based on the above reasons are some of the major key factors why centre-left governance easily loses trust with the citizens, because they turn to promise unachievable deeds to assume political office as leaders.


Emmanuel Tweneboah Senzu(Ph.D.), Professor of Economics and Finance; Director of Research Frederic Bastiat Institute, Africa.

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