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Prof. Emmanuel Tweneboah Senzu, is a professor of Law, Economics and Finance with a special interest in Constitutional law, monetary economics, structural macroeconomic prudential management and financialisation for fragile economy within the framework of policy directives as a fulcrum for industrialization and sustainable economic growth. He is currently elected as the President of Frederic Bastiat Institute, Africa, the ‘Center of Law, Economics and Finance‘.  A distinguished fellow to West Africa Monetary Institute, based in Ghana, a research professor at Njala University, School of Social Sciences and Law, and that of University of Makeni, Institute of Law and Economics. A member of the World Economic Association based in Bristol, the United Kingdom, and a fellow of the South Africa- National Academy of Science, Pretoria. Further serving at University of Kenema and Lunsar alike in Sierra Leone.

 He upholds the view that the Central Government of developing countries obsession with the dominance of the endogenous industrial-economic market exceeding (60)%, as well as retaining the status as market regulators, does result in stiffening and stagnating macroeconomic growth, which results in a weak financial economy, and hinders the sustainable growth of real gross domestic products within a globally competitive and innovative driven economic trading system, which is effectively championed and delivered best by private hands with government supports. He has established an objective positioning that the governments of developing countries or fragile economies, attempting to be an active player of the endogenous economic market beyond (30)%, should embraced public and private partnership (PPP) model for the interest of competition and efficiency in market performance. And demand Government to focus and specialize in quality market regulations under free and fair policy conditions, as well as to cushion their domestic enterprises towards sustainable growth to the benefit of the country, which, he deduces to be the absolute pathway to sustainable economic growth, and development in contemporary times.

He is highly influenced by the philosophical works of Friedrich August von Hayek of the Austrian School, Milton Friedman of the Chicago School, and James McGill Buchana Jr. of George Mason University.

[Highest Qualifications]:

Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A)-2011 – Regent University- Virginia Beach-USA

Doctor of Behaviourial Economics and Finance (Ph.D.)- 2015 – Leicester University -UK

Post Doctoral Fellowship [Constitutional Laws and Economics] (J.D.) – (2022) George Mason University-USA)

[Teaching Interest]:   

       1. Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics

       2. Financial Economics, Econometrics & Investment Risk Analysis

       3. Constitutional Laws (Civil and Banking)

       4. Managerial Economics

[Research Areas]:    

         1. Public Economics, Sustainable Investment and Risk Management

         2.  Constitutional Laws (Administrative and Corporate Law)

         3.  Central Bank currency management and Policy Formulation

[Rank]: (Full) Professor

[Institutional Affiliation (Currently)]

  1. Mercatus Center at George Mason University, USA
  2. Aligarh Muslim University, India
  3. University of Makeni; Institute of Law and Economics, Sierra Leone
  4. Frederic Bastiat Institute, Africa 
  5. West Africa Monetary Institute
  6. Njala University; School of Social Sciences and Law, Sierra Leone

   [Industry Experience]:

   An Investment Risk Analyst, Banking  and  Arbitrator

 [Recently completed work from IFTA-USA ‘Grant’ benefit]:

  •  Development of a complete Curriculum and Syllabus of Chartered Finance & Technical Analysis (Ch.FT)
  • Commercial Credit Analysis, (30) credit hours Certificate based course


  • Senzu, T. E. (2016a), Fundraising & Management (ISBN 978-3-65991997) Lambert Academic Publishing House, Germany
  • Senzu, T. E. (2016b), Entreprenomics (1st Ed) (ISBN: 978-3-65990452-3) Lambert Academic Publishing House, Germany
  • Senzu, T. E & Ndebugri, H. (2017a), Evaluating the effectiveness of the procurement Acts in Public Financial Administration; the case study in Ghana (ISBN: 978-620-2-26815-8). Published by Éditions Universitaires Européennes,Germany
  • Senzu, T. E & Ndebugri, H. (2018a), Examining business performance of micro, small and medium scale enterprises through accounting keeping; case study in Ghana. Published by University Library of Ligwig-Maximilians ( Re-published by Leicester University UK. Department of Economics.
  • Senzu, T.E. (2020*). Entreprenomics (2nd Ed) (ISBN: 978-99910-925-1-5), Published by Njala University, School of Social Sciences & Law, Sierra Leone.
  • Senzu, T. E. (2021), The Advanced proposed architecture of Eco-currency; technical analysis of West Africa single currency programme.
  • Senzu, T. E. (2022), “Applied Monetary Economics: Theories and Policy guides for fragile financial systems.” Cambridge Scholars Publishers.


  1. Senzu, T. E. (2016c), Examining unconsidered factors that anchor the thrive of micro and small enterprises in developing and underdeveloped economies. ISBN: 2349-3224, Vol.04.
  2.  Senzu, T. E. (2017b), Examining the economic impact and challenges associated with Savings & Loans in Ghana. ISSBN: 2349-3224, Vol.04.
  3. Ndebugri, H. & Senzu, T. E. (2017c) Analyzing the critical effects of creative accounting practices in the corporate sector of Ghana. Published by University Library of Ligwig-Maximilians ( Republished by Social Science Network, Elsevier. ISSN: 1556-5068.
  4. Senzu, T. E. & Ndebugri, H. (2017d) Account receivable management across industrial sectors in Ghana; analyzing the economic effectiveness and efficiency. Published by University Library of Ligwig-Maximilians ( Republished by Social Science Research Network, Elsevier. ISSN:1556-5068.
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  7. Senzu, T. E. (2018e), “The theory of catallactics, misapplication in monetary policy in developing economies and consequences”. Published by Journal of Advanced Studies in Finance, Volume IX, Summer, 1(17): 24-23; ISSN:2068-8393
  8. Senzu, T. E. (2019b), Theoretical perspective of dynamic credit risk analysis and lending model; effective to enterprises of fragile economy. Published by Social Science Research Network
  9. Senzu, T. E. (2020a), Theoretically proposed policy instrument to resolve the negative effect of inflation flow into a positive macroeconomic growth: the case of Sierra Leone economy.
  10. Senzu, T. E. (2020b), Modern currency exchange rate behaviour and proposed trend-like forecasting model.
  • Senzu, T. E. (2020c), The advanced proposed architecture of Eco-currency; technical analysis of West Africa single currency program.




  • The  complexity in attracting quality investment to SMEs in Africa /


  1. Adjunct Professor to the Department of Finance & Accounting Technology, Cape Coast Technical University- Central Region, Ghana [2017/2018]
  2. Director of Research in Economics & Investment Banking, Frederic Bastiat Institute Africa-2014- up to date,
  3.  Director of International Securities, Strategies and risk management in the ECOWAS jurisdiction for International Federation of Technical Analysts. Maryland USA. (2017-up to date. [which includes fund-raising, project investment and evaluation for Africa]
  4. Guest Editor to Life Science Global Publication; Journal of Reviews on Global Economics. (2018- up to date), Canada
  5. Visiting scholar to Faculty of Economics and Finance, Monarch University; Zug, Switzerland |2018
  6. Advisory Board Member of Opportunities and Challenges in Engineering, Management & Science Conference, [2019]. India
  7. Editorial Board Member of Premier Publication, Nigeria:
  8. Editorial Member to Management and Economics Journal: ISSN. 2456-2661; Everant Publisher, India. |2019 up to date
  9. Technical Investment Director of West Africa for MN Capital (Africa Advisors), 82 maude street, Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa.  (2016-up to date) raised over $450 million dollars 2017/2018 for companies on the continent of Africa.
  10. Guest Editor to Scientific & Academic Publishing, Investment Banking and Economics Journal| American Economic Journal – California, USA. [2019-up to date]
  11. Dean of Research and Business Studies, University College of Management Studies, Accra- Ghana [1st August, 2018-30th August, 2019.]
  12. A member of the technical research and review committee of applied Econometric Finance of the Central Bank of Sierra Leone [ November, 2019 up to date]
  13. Distinguished Research Fellow to West Africa Monetary Institute [2019 up to date]
  14. Undergraduates and graduates project supervisor at the College of Distance Learning, University of Cape Coast, Ghana at Zenith Campus-Trade fair. [2019/2020]
  15. Director of Mastercard Scholarship Alumni Tracer Study for Ghana, under the Human Sciences Research Council, South Africa. [January – August 2020]
  16. Curriculum development of Faculty Programmes and Administration in the restructuring of the Canadian College of Modern Technology as a transition to the University charter status, and Adjunct Professor to the College of Social Sciences and Law, Njala University, Sierra Leone.
  17.  Gold Pac Fintech Hong Kong Ltd., Special Developmental Finance Advisor for West African Territory (January 2020 –up to date.)
  18. Guest Editor for Belgium and American Journal of Management and Economic Research (Dec, 2021 up to date)


  • Journal of Behaviourial Finance, Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group)- United Kingdom
  • Journal of International Review of Economic and Finance – Elsevier- Netherlands
  • Journal of Applied Economics – Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group) United Kingdom
  • Journal of Money, Credit and Banking – Wiley, Ohio State University Department of Economics
  • Journal of Banking and Finance – Elservier- Netherlands
  • Journal of Economics – Springer Nature – Berlin, Germany
  • Underscience Publishers- Geneva, Switzerland.


  1. Member of World Economic Association, Bristol BS6, 5BZ, United Kingdom [2016-upto date]
  2. Member of Finance-Econometric Society, Warsaw School of Economics, Poland. [2017 up to date]
  3. Member of Turkish Economic Association, Ankara, Turkey. [2017 upto date]
  4. African Economic Research Consortium, Mebank Towers, Nairobi Kenya [2018-upto date]
  5. Member of the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa, Dakar, Senegal [ 2018-up to date]
  6. Member of the Academy of Sciences, South Africa. (September, 2021 up to date)


[1.] International Federation of Technical Analysts grant, for the development of syllabus and curriculum of Technical Analysis of Investment Banking and Economics as an academic program, with a designation as (BSc. & MSc./M.Phil Degree) for developing economies- [2018]

[2.] Foreign-direct investment impact to developing economies- a research project, with a grant offered by Aligarh Muslim University, India. [2017/2018]


He had currently supervised thirty-three (33) Master’s Degree students on their theses and fifteen (15) Doctoral students in their dissertations in the area of Law, Economics, Finance, Banking & Risk Analysis, and Management.

Email Address: [email protected]

+232(0) 78364268




Post source : Library of Frederic Bastiat Institute

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