Frederic Bastiat Institute Africa is an Economics Research Think Tank and Investment Banking Training Institute, which has adopted a heterogeneous research approach in contributing to knowledge and its application, for the empowerment and development of the continent of Africa, economically. We proudly uphold in the philosophical tradition and principles of the Mont Pelerin Society in the strict context of Africa’s socio-economic environment and political ecosystem. With a special commitment to economic liberalism in the sense of modern liberalist reasoning, which easily marry to the Africa socio-culture architecture and facilitate faster and sustainable economic development.

We are an active member of the International Federation of Technical Analysts with headquarters based in Maryland, the USA, and Africa Private Equity and Venture Capital Association with its head office based in London, UK. We believe private sector growth is the engine of every sustainable economic system in a developing economy and such require quality capital resourcing in both endogenous and exogenous mechanism.

We advocate in the intellectual spirit and the principle of ‘Economic liberalism’, and believe in the dignity of labour, whether with head or hand, that the world owes no man a living but that it owes every man an opportunity to make a living and such lie on quality central government regulations and credible policy as a guideline. Our life commitments to knowledge as a research institute are to help preserve the tradition of Entrepreneurship and promote innovation spirit in Africa as developmental catalysts, as well defend and advocates for private sector growth in investment, management, and the capacity to solve complex problems of society by its younger generation, a means to continue the advancement of it remarkable civilization history.

The Institute’s core function is in Economics and Investment Banking problem solving but specialized in the following service-project areas as in the technical analysis of the stocks, commodities, bonds, and the forex trading markets. As well as theoreticians in the area of Growth economics, Investment promotion, Macroeconomics, Monetary economics, Managerial economics, and Policy analysis. Our greatest priority and effort is to prove the theory of F. A. Hayek in the material world, which states, the curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men, how little they really know about what they imagine, they can design.

The Publication column of the website as the Institute Online Library is installed with both ‘working’ and peer-reviewed published papers of the authors depending on the copyright conditions. Any attempt to cite the indexed papers, you could further Google for the desired papers according to their titles used at the online published column of the Institute to access it peer-reviewed published version for citation purposes. Any difficulty, contact the below e-mail for the necessary assistance.

“Agmen of economic thinkers iungere novi ex Africa”.

Contact us, for any technical and expert services needed in the aforementioned areas, and we will be glad to assist. | +233543105144| +232(0)74561050| +233508383274

Below are Frederic Bastiat Institute’s major affiliates and partnerships.

Njala University
Monarch University