In Ghana like many other developing African countries, it is observed it has a high number of active working forces who are youth and observed to be a growing generation of impatient in all engagement. They mostly enter into warfare, not whole prepared but out of share emotions and unguided strategies, hence the end result of their good intention suffers a crash, which promotes frustration, and the whole interest for a persistent execution of business ideas die out with just a single knock-out of obstacles.

Secondly, when it comes to intellectual theft, the slight difference between Ghana and China is the Chinese have specialized in stealing hard intellectual works mostly in technology as a business, therefore have that patience to master the science governing the stolen technology to produce similar copy such that it difficult for an ordinary observer to differentiate the original invention from the counterfeit unless it usage. But unlike the  Ghanaian economic market, it has a lot of impatient business adopters with a choice of stealing soft intellectual works as practice and produce the worst counterfeit ever not close to the original invention if it is to exist. If the option of stealing people ideas as a photocopy business is an officially accepted specialty in some of these market then it practitioners will have to know that;

You cannot steal ideas out of its vision, so to choose to steal them, you have to adopt it and place it in an alternative super standard vision environment to operate effectively. The most stupid and ignorant way of stealing ideas common with most of these developing countries; the thief perceive such stolen ideas are independents variable for money-making“.

The most important lesson to learn is, every original idea for industrial implementation operates within a natural law of either Linear or multiple regression. Meaning the idea is a dependent variable to other independent variables and to just steal an abstract idea out of its independent variable is a condition that leads to a suicidal investment.

Most of the business investment in Ghana have failed and more in the pipeline to fail, why? Because the business promoters are just into photocopy of business from the original ideas just for monetary intent hence you have a high percentage of most businesses operating in Ghana on a fraudulent grounds, just in a matter of time, the risk veracity of the operating environment soon exposes the vulnerability of the business. Which at the end customers and shareholders have to pay for such irresponsibility from the business owners or promoters.

I do recommend, for one to have the option to steal or copy some one’s idea as a business strategy to invest, which has a high probability of losing the investment, then package your resource to establish a quality legal relationship to partner such an idea inventor for investment. Such an act has a higher potential to increase the investment return in benefit to both parties involved as promoters. And that is the only surest way to bring sanity to the economic market of Ghana in quality and confidence for huge investment opportunities.


Emmanuel Tweneboah Senzu, is an associate professor of applied economics and investment banking, Frederic Bastiat Institute, IPAM University.  Member of Technical Team of Sierra Leone Central Bank under the leadership of Dr. Jacob Abraham Emerson, research fellow to West Africa Monetary Zone (WAMZ)

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