Is it not marveling, what at all is in the content of a leadership course study that requires an independent college fee for it to be taught?

We need to acknowledge that all efficient leaders had one goal not to transform anything but to harmonize all forms of energies intelligently in their respective jurisdictions into an ultimate output result for a transformation beyond the comprehensive human thinking and initiative.

We need to acknowledge that it is not to the power of any [man] to transform nature in his interests and desires but to intelligently coordinate these independent structures into a coherent force beneficiary to humanity. No human can turn a fool to become wise neither poor to become rich, weak to be strong nor a cat to become a lion unless they chose to transform themselves at an individual capacity.

Therefore a successful leader learns the secret to establish the working relationship between the cat and the Lion, the poor and the rich, the weak and the strong or the fool and the wise to the benefit of humanity.

However, the kind of leadership style mostly promoted by the left in the regime of it democracy as in morally and emotionally, seeks to justify the transformation of the poor to rich, the weak to strong, the fool to wise, just like saying cat to become a lion forgetting that when $ 1000 dollar bills are issued to the rich and the poor within 24hrs, the average outcome result will not be the same, one will appreciate it value, while the other will diminish the currency at stock through parochial expenditure.

However, the article does equally distinguish, the unique cases of social vulnerability that need social intervention supports. Which historically, the democratic capitalism or the neo-liberalist system had scored very high in philanthropic contribution to the world crises in such special cases comparable to the social democrats who argue mostly to be the Messiahs’ of such situations.

It therefore concludes, sympathy, empathy and other emotional tool employed have their limit unless it just a weapon used fraudulently to seek a political office in a propaganda intent.

This is the very major reasons why center-left governance easily lose trust with the citizens because they morally and emotionally promise unachievable deeds to assume political office as leaders.


Emmanuel Tweneboah Senzu, Associate Professor of  Applied Economics and Investment Banking, IPAM University, Director of Research Frederic Bastiat Institute, Africa.

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