Eco-currency: Proposition of a monetary policy design for a unitary currency program of a frailty economic zone

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Dr. Emmanuel Tweneboah Senzu, whose is a professor of Economics & Finance at Canadian College of Modern Technology and Adjunct professor to the School of Social Sciences & Law, Njala University, Sierra Leone in his contribution to the current book project of “African monetary regimes, policy and economic performance” having over 18 leading monetary economists of Africa as authors and chaired by professor Aloysius Amin, at Clayton, State University, GA, USA. He does argue, the desire to rule a modern economic system has never been the interest of a contemporary civilized man rather than to successfully govern it.

He thereby posits the discoverable tool of a modern man as the greatest invention, to centrally manage a complex market system, which is dynamically evolving in it, the interaction process of agents has been the design of quality policy and application.

Which, he therefore poses, the constructive foundation of his paper towards this very book project does appreciate the fact that in the practice of policy for unitary currency program involving sovereign nations, it not entirely a new epistemology in the field of monetary economics, however, this very study and empirical submission of the new paper is complete unique in its deduction because it involves frailty economic zones managing their soft currencies against hard currency economies to promote sustainable growth as an initiative to competitive development.

Post source : Library of Frederic Bastiat Institute

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