Investment Bankers

EMMANUEL TWENEBOAH SENZU holds his first doctorate (DBA) in managerial economics, majored in Industrial economics and management forecasting. The second doctorate (Ph.D.) was in behavioral economics & finance majored in experimental economics with a specialty in Investment Banking and risk management. He is a professor of economics and investment at the School of Social Sciences & Law, Njala University, who is serving as an external fellow to the Research team of Sierra Leone Central Bank. Fellow at the School of Economics & Finance, Monarch University, Switzerland, and Warsaw School of Economics, Poland. He is a specialist in Bankable documentation development for Infrastructure projects, Corporate enterprises, and SMEs for international fundraising ( Equity, Debt, and Mezzanine Financing). He has been highly instrumental and successful in winning capital investment for quality Start-up ventures based in Africa as a team project, which is perceived in the investment market as high-risk ventures due to lack of financial historical data and poor-risk treatment analysis. Together with his team are able to develop Operational Investment Documents (OID) to supports such ventures to access quality credit facilities. He is currently appointed as the President and Head of Research (HoR) to Frederic Bastiat Institute, Africa, an economic think tank and investment banking training center with its secretariat based in Sierra Leone and Ghana to work across Africa. He is a member of the International Federation of Technical Analysts, Maryland-USA. With the extensive publication in the area of monetary economics, macroeconomics, investment policy development for sustainable economic growth and development of Africa. Link to some of the publications |

MANSUR M. NURUDDIN is an author, public speaker, preeminent African Investment Banker, and international corporate lawyer. He holds a Doctorate of Law (J.D.) and is admitted to the Bar in New York State as well as a member of the New York Bar Association, the American Bar Association, Asia-Pacific Bar Association, and International Bar Association. He began his career with the Wall Street law firm of Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP in both the New York and London Offices. Later he worked with Herbert Smith in Hong Kong and Bowman Gilfillan in South Africa. He is currently Managing Partner of MNCapital Africa Advisors, where he and his partners have raised over $400 million for African SMEs, financial institutions, and project sponsors. He is the author of “Get Money: A Practical Guide to Capital Raising for African Companies and Entrepreneurs,” which codifies his years on the frontlines in Africa assisting African companies in raising capital.

MIKE CARTER is a Project Fund manager and adviser who began his career within the financial service industry under the strict regulations of the UK regulators, back in 1988, and during that time built a very successful business to fund projects within the UK.

In 2009 move to Asia to work in the International market both within wealth management and project funding. He has 31years of Experience in the Financial Service Industry as a successful securities trader and Project funding expert. And currently specialized as an Africa focused Investment Banker based in the Philippines with wide experience in the European and Asian Capital Market trading.

BASHWA KIWA MONSENGOISA is a co-founder and Partner of MNCapital African Advisory. He is a South African Chartered Accountant, who started his professional career in 1998 with auditing firm Grant Thornton in Johannesburg. In 2000, he moved on to KPMG Mozambique as an Audit Manager in Maputo. Thereafter, in late 2003, he joined SABMiller Africa and Asia in Johannesburg as New Business Development Finance Manager before being seconded to the Finance Division of Coca Cola Bottling Luanda, in Angola in 2005. In 2008, he briefly joined the Investment Banking Unit of Standard Bank Mozambique in Maputo, before returning back to Johannesburg and joining the International Finance Unit of the Development Bank of Southern Africa (“DBSA”) in early 2009. In September 2013, he left the DBSA to co-find Flexus Investments Holding (Pty) Ltd, a multi-disciplinary investment and advisory vehicle-based in Pretoria and focused on Sub-Sahara Africa, with Angola and the DRC being the preferred markets.

TAMER GAMAL is a Certified Financial Technician (CFTe), currently the head of Technical Analysis Research at Arab Africa International Securities as a Subsidiary of Arab African Bank, Egypt. He entered into the financial market with an Engineering background and rise through technical training through the ranks to become the Chairman of the Egyptian Society of Technical Analysts.  He is the Vice President for the Middle East and Africa on-behalf of IFTA. And an Active Member of the Educational Committee for Curriculum development of ESTA. In 2008 was awarded Bronwen Wood Memorial Award by IFTA. He is often interviewed by Bloomberg, Reuters on Investment dynamics of Africa.