1. We offer capacity building in managerial Economics to facilitate scalable and high venture performance, during a bad economic climate.

2. We are a specialist in Venture project risk analysis, evaluation, and performance audit of the funded firm

3. We have the experts to design an International Bankable business plan for quality venture Funding

4. We have a qualified team to act as project supervisors or conduct post- product audit for Investors

5. We assist both start-ups and existing firms to secure quality project funding through our international network fundraising agencies

6. We assist and supervise MPhil and doctoral theses writings, in the area of Finance, Economics, and Investment Banking

7. We have a competent team to conduct feasibility study, quality venture assessment to the benefit of investors

8. We have extensive knowledge in financial securities trading and risk management to guide high-risk Portfolio asset managers

Testimonial Case Study with partners (2016-2018)

  1. International Federation of Technical Analysts
  2.  MNCapital Africa Advisors
  3. Arab-Africa International Securities
  4. (i) $6 million for a Zimbabwe Dairy Company,
    (ii) $10 million for a South Africa leasing company;
    (iii) $39 million for an Independent Hydro Project in the DRC;
    (iv) $6 million for a SA ink manufacturer’s acquisition of a US
    ink company;
    (v) $10 million for a South Africa oil rehabilitation project;
    (vi) $200+ million for various African banks;
    (vii) $2 million for a Ghanaian Micro-Finance Institution; and
    (viii) $8 million for a Nigerian EPC Services Compan
  5. Current Investment Case Study (2019/2020)
    • Raising fund for Koforidua Technical University, Hostel, and Agro-Farm
    • Golden Gate Services Ltd
    • Special Tasty Tilapia Company Ltd.
    • Geotan Company Ltd.
    • Sawtel Company Ltd.
    • Fishing Enterprise Development Foundation.
    • Bourne Global Estates and Investments Africa Ltd.

    6. The Institute has a network of reputable Financial Institutions and fund management firms with the commitment to promote African trade through the offering of the following types of credit letters depending on the quality and credibility of trade deals. 

  • A commercial letter of credit
  • Transferable and Non-transferable letter of credit
  • A standby letter of credit
  • Red and Green clause letter of credit backed by qualified off-takers