For the past decade, there has been a lot of soft-services funding projects for Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Ghana, collaboratively with the Office of Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Unit of MSMEs, yet there has not been a substantial result emerged out from such initial investment programmes. Hence this philanthropy initiative as a soft-service supports to SMEs, funded by a Private Venture Capitalist is a coordinated project between the Research and Management Faculty of Aligarh Muslim University-India, Frederic Bastiat Institute and the Research Center of University College of Management Studies, Ghana.

The SSF-Project managers were charged of a result oriented mission to the benefit of SMEs owners. And with a formula, did select competent and youthful experts, sponsored to upgrade their training skills of their area of expertise to the benefit and high impact factor of the SMEs community in Ghana. These consultants with their names and expertise listed below, were assigned the task of training and other services that transforms the SMEs community, when they get the opportunity to engage them, as well as monitored with assessment and evaluation team to measure the performance impacts of their services to the target market.

  • Ms. Brobbey Priscilla (J.C)- Effective Customer Relation and Management of organizations
  • Mr. Agyemang Fredua (J.C)- Motivation and Performance Strategies of  organization
  • Mr. Adu Alfred (J.C)- Managing organizational conflicts and politics
  • Ms. Tatumi N. Winnifred (J.C)- Credit Risk Analysis and Lending: to appreciate how loans are issued by Financial Institutions to the benefits of SMEs
  • Mr. Amoako-Boateng Larry (J.C)  Emotional Intelligence and Managerial Behaviour
  • Mr. Mensah K. Richard (J.C)- Insurance promotion, relevance and marketing

The funded projects, considers SMEs organizations and associations formalized and are significantly contributing to the GDP-growth of Ghana’s economy, to partake in the 70/80% funded training programme. Applicants with interest, makes a request for any of the service-supports through the mail , leaving the contact details for the coordinating manager to reach him/her on behalf of his/her organization to finalize the terms of agreement, while assisting the organization to go through the formalized registration process for funding accessibility.

Any difficulty, contact this mobile number [ (+233)543-105-144] or apply through this link

May 2019-2022, Is scheduled as Phase-one of the Project, as a pilot programme.