Mission: Trading your way into financial breakthrough ( 3months Course-Study)

  1. Brief Introduction of  this Forex Trading Course

This is a technical trading head-on course, narrowing the experience in the classroom to key relevant principles governing forex trading and it accurate forecasting, which minimizes the risk associated to the market trade in a course credit of 48 hours to complete the theoretical guide within a month and the second month for demonstrative trading and finally the third month, students are launch onto a life-account trading platform. A comprehensively packed course, unique of it kind.

  • 2. Course Benefits
  • You will complete the course trading, launched onto a life account trading platform under a supervision
  • You will complete the course, understanding your trading personality and developing your own trading system
  • You will finish the course with confidence to trade with low risk ratio and high investment return
  • Your forex electronic market trading experience to have in our class, is incomparable to any popularly known trading center within the ECOWAS region of Africa
  • 3. Course Content
  1. Understanding the mechanical design of the brokers-electronic platform  [6hrs credit]
  2. How to ‘Enter’ and ‘Exit’ the trading platform correctly [3hrs credit]
  3. The Skills of plotting the ‘Support’ and ‘Resistance’ Lines [2hrs credit]
  4. The Skills of Identifying market trends and price fluctuations using correct forecasting indicators [2hrs credit]
  • How to place trade correctly with corresponding pips-value [3hrs credits]
  • Studying multiple time frame of the market for fundamental forecasting [4hrs credit]
  • The Technique of using the leading and lagging indicators correctly and complimentary for forecasting [6hrs credit]
  • Key Japanese Candlesticks patterns for forecasting [ 12hrs credit]
  • Risk Management Techniques [6hrs credit]
  • 4. Certification Option

After the completion of the course, students could opt for no exams and get participation certificate or accept to write an exams for industrial recognized certification valued under academic standard course credits.

  • 5. Fees Payment

Applicants takes a form at a cost of Gh₵50 at the Office of Executive Development Center, University College of Management Studies and pay a fee of Gh₵ 1,500 to the Frederic Bastiat Institute account for participatory certificate. However opting for an exams to attain a recognized certification, require an additional fee of Gh₵350 to be paid into the same account, not excluding your study materials and books.

  • 6. Training Location

Per the current preparation, standard training arrangement Center is fixed in Accra, with the training location set at the Computer Lab of University College of Management Studies and as well as a contracted Executive Hotel, set for assessment exercise. Which is purely non-residence course. However interested foreigners or those with the location far away from the City of Accra to participates, could request for accommodation arrangement through the mobile contact (+233)508-383-274 or the email tsenzu@ucoms.edu.gh | info@fbiresearchedu.org 

Admission is currently on progress, Classes start-on 11th May, 2019 and could easily apply through this link ;


The Course is scheduled for either Weekdays or Weekends contacts, as outlined below;

Week days:

10:00am-4:00pm | Thursday and Friday


10:00am-4:00pm | Saturday and Sunday

Note: If your expectation is not satisfied in the first 14 days of class contacts, the fee will be 100% recovered back to you as a guarantee.