Prof. Badar Alam Iqbal, Executive Editor(JRGE) Scopus Journal, Ford Foundation Grantee, formal Scholar-in-Residence at Kentucky State University USA and a Visiting fellow of DAAD. Adjunct Professor of School of Economics & Finance, Monarch University Switzerland, Visiting Professor at Department of Economics, University of South Africa, Pretoria. EU Commission fellowship, Denmark at University of Warsaw Poland. Formal Vice Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University.

Mr. Tamer Gamal, CFTe, ESTA, CETA is currently the head of Arab Africa International Securities a subsidiary of Arab African Bank. The President of Egyptian Society of Technical Analysis. The Vice President of  Middle East and Africa of IFTA. 32nd International Federation of Technical Analysts Conference Chair at Cairo-Egypt.

Prof. Iqbal Hawaldar, Faculty member of Finance Dept., Kingdom University, Bahrain in Arabian Gulf.

Dr. Arun Vishnu Kumar, Department of Policy Research, Reserve Bank of India at Mumbai

Prof. Emmanuel Tweneboah Senzu is an Economist and Investment Banker. The President & Research Director for Frederic Bastiat Institute Africa. He also serves as a professor of Economics & Investment at Njala University School of Social Science. A research fellow to the School of Economics & Finance Monarch University, Switzerland. He is currently also serving as a technical fellow to the Research Division of Sierra Leone Central Bank. Member of World Economics Association(WEA), Fellow to Finance Econometric Society, Warsaw School of Economics, Poland. Guest Editor to JRGE of Life Science Global Publication Company, Hq. @Canada. Special editor to American Economic Journal division of Economics & Investment Banking for developing economies. Editor to Premier Publication, division of Journal of Economics & Investment Banking, Nigeria. And the ECOWAS director for the International Federation of Technical Analysts, USA.

Lawyer Ekow Dadson (Esq.) Senior Lawyer at SIMA Consult,  Accra, Ghana.

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