The Institution is named after Claude-Frederic Bastiat, who was a French Economist, born on 30th June 1801 at Bayonne, Aquitaine in France, and died on 24th December 1850. The existence of the Institution partly acknowledged him as a prominent liberal scholar who was noted for his theoretical concept in Economics, which is a popularly used terminology “Opportunity Cost”, as well as his popularly known book in the Liberal and Economics circles as “The Law”. And his constructive debate in French Politics, which resulted in him being elected as Justice of the Peace of Mugron.

The Institute was first registered and recognized under the laws of the Republic of Ghana in (2011) under the name Bastiat Society Ghana as a chapter extension of Bastiat Society USA on a paradigm agenda of ‘Free market’ thinkers, ‘Capitalists’ philosophical advocacy while serving further as an Economics and Management Think Tank. However, for the Ghana Chapter to function efficiently, it did sub-structure the management team, in other for the Institute to focus its agenda settings to suit the politico-socio-cultural climate of Ghana as at then, thereby choosing to empower Small and Medium Scale Enterprises through their encountered industrial challenges via advocacy, and in furtherance, concentrated on the Ghana industrial sub-sector Agribusiness ventures, logistics, and funding problems as at (2012) thereon. This resulted in a heated misunderstanding and disagreement between the Officer assigned to be in Charge of the Ghana Chapter Dr Emmanuel Tweneboah Senzu and the Chairman of the Bastiat Society USA as at then, which promoted a serious Institutional friction, and led to a break-up between the Board of Directors of the Ghana Chapter, and that of the USA Chapter, which was then the headquarters of all Bastiat ‘Society Chapters’ of any given country, in the early years of (2015).

The Board of Directors of the Bastiat Society Ghana after their  resolution meeting dated on the 4th of December 2015, under a memorandum of understanding, decided to promote Dr. Senzu after attaining his second doctoral degree in Economics and Finance, from the previous position as an Officer, to the Directorship Office in charge of the functionary Research arm of the Society, which resulted in the re-branding of the Institute to part away from the initial advocacy and ideological agenda settings, into rigorous academic Research and intellectual activism in the area of Investment, Economics, Finance and Policy Analysis, bringing in the new team, in the likes of Mr. Isaac Nkrumah -UCC, Mr. Maclean Hughes Odonti-UG, Mr. Amoah Forson-UCC, Mr. Joseph Kwami Appiah-UCC as the notable administrative names and others, which also resulted into the name changed thereafter from ‘Bastiat Society’ Ghana to Frederic Bastiat Institute Africa engaging with other intellectually rigorous Think Tanks like Mises Institute- USA, Mercatus Institute (George Mason University)- USA, International Federation of Technical Analysts-USA, Private Equity and Venture Capital Association-UK. And furthermore had an indirect opportunity among the Intellectual pursuing liberal Think Tank circles to affiliate with other external universities in USA and Asia.

In 2018/2019 the Institute welcomed Prof. Badar Alam Iqbal as a Chair, while preparing to set its affiliated offices beyond Ghana to South Africa to join the office of MNCapital, then relocate the Internal Ghana office, which was micro-base at Weija-Accra to both the new Cape Coast Technical University, Central Region, as well as the Office of Oakbuild Consult at the 3rd Floor of SSNIT Building at Adabraka, Accra. Then at Sierra Leone at the prestigious Fourah Bay College campus, Freetown, and Njala University, Makondi and Bo City Campus. This gave-in the space to bring on board a new technical team like Mrs. Priscillar Brobbey UCC-Ghana, Mr. Richard Mensah of Star Assurance, Mr. Fredua Agyemang –UCC/ Winneba University, Prof. Haruna Ndebugri of Cape Coast Technical University, Dr. Mansur M. Nuruddin (Esq.) South Africa, Mr. Ekow Dadson (Esq.) SIMA-Consult Ghana, Prof. Peter Dumbuya (J.D.) Fort Valley State University, USA and Fourah Bay College, Sierra Leone. And Prof. Iqbal Hawalder, Kingdom University, Bahrain.

From 2021-2022; Prof. Emmanuel Tweneboah Senzu was promoted under the Chairmanship of Prof. Badar Alam Iqbal (Fmr.) Vice Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University, to serve as the President and Head of African Research Study of the Institute in the area of Law, Economics and Finance after the completion of his Law study programme, bringing on board a newly technical team like (Madam) Susan Koiwa, Mr. Osman Sillah with specialty recruitment ongoing in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and South Africa.

The Institute pursues ‘liberal’ Intellectualism and activism within the framework of the African indigenous ecology, prioritized in the context of Politico-socio-cultural architecture, with emphasis to rigorous research study on the following disciplines as in Business (Entrepreneurship), Humanities and Social Sciences.

In conclusion as an Institute, is to recapitulate the ancient African tradition of the Kush-Nubian Scholarship, which is compatible with the African ecosystem of genuineness, as well as uniqueness of skill in the Kemet culture, and thus uphold an in-depth reasoning faculty as traits of the Sankore Intellectuals. This establishes our traditional route of the black & white system of intellectual advancement, whether from the East or the West, with the sole purpose of reinvigorating a new order of African cradle of civilization, and a league of intellectuals that establishes the original African identity in the current global order of Economic competition, choices and negotiations.


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