There has been a rigorous re-design of the curriculum and syllabus of Chartered Finance and Technical Analysis (Ch.FT) as a course contents, which respond to the current advanced phase and practices of the Investment Banking industry towards capital raising and trading within the security market.

The certificate is labeled as ‘Finance and Technical Analysts’ with a professional designation and a post-nominal [Ch.FT], which requires a maximum of twenty-four (24) months to complete the series of modules and research prescribed as a requisite condition and assessment criteria to fulfill and qualify as a certified Chartered Finance and Technical Analyst (Ch.FT). The Admission into the full program requires someone with basic experience in the capital trading market with a first degree or an advanced diploma certificate in Finance, Economics, or Accountancy discipline from a recognized College to go through the entire program under 120 credit Course weight.

The Course-Base Study leads students to write Certified Exams under Frederic Bastiat Institute Africa and supervised by the International Federation of Technical Analysts USA. While the Research-based Study requires the submission of a grounded dissertation with evidence of significant knowledge contribution to the field of behaviourial finance and the investment market of securities trading not exceeding 100 pages (approximately 26,000 words) excluding preliminaries and appendices. The approved submitted Paper is made available for Open-Acess Journal to be published.

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The Benefit of Programmes:-

-It enhances candidates’ ability in rigorous and meticulous assessment, analysis, and forecasting of the Securities and exchange market.

-It deepens candidates’ knowledge beyond the acquired practical trading skills of the securities market but by equipping them in a careful understanding of the behaviourial play of currency performance for quality decisions and investment return

-Quality application of Financial Econometrics in modeling for Risk management and investment opportunities

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